My research interests are in the areas of International economics (with an emphasis on 
empirical trade), Macroeconomic growth and development, and applied econometrics. My 
research agenda can be largely categorized into three areas of inquiry: Trade costs & margins 
of trade; Macroeconomic variables & trade; and heterogeneous impact of trade costs on trade. (Click here to view my research statement) 

"Revisiting the Olympic Effect," Review of International Economics 2016.

"Time Zone Effect and the Margins of Exports," (with R. Tomasik) The World Economy 2016.

"Austerity and Exports," (with J. Ederington, J. Minier and B. Sheridan) Review of International Economics 2016, 24(2).

"The Not So Distant Effect of Distance Within a Time Zone," ( with R. Tomasik), Applied Economics Letters 2015, 22(16).

"Reconciling the WTO Effect on Trade at the Extensive and Intensive Margins," , International Economic Journal 2015, 29(2).

"The Effect of Inter-Country Competition on Interest Rate Pass-Through in the European Union," (with J. Saunoris and B. Maskay), International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance 2012, 5(2).

"Foreign Aid Policy and it's Effect in Nepal", EconoQuantum 2006, 3 (1). (Undergraduate Research)

Working Papers (Click the link to view the papers when avaliable)
"Economic Growth Takeoffs & Trade Margins," (with B. Sheridan) (under review
"Time Zones, GDP & Exports," (with R. Tomasik) (under review )
"Growth Takeoffs & Trade Margins : A Quantile Regression Approach" (with E. Figueiredo & B. Sheridan)
"Quantile Regression and Time Zone Effects" (with E. Figueiredo & B. Sheridan)

Work in Progress: 
"Takeoffs & Trade Margins : Sorted Effects Method," (with E. Figueiredo & B. Sheridan)

Technical Reports (under CCGD with M. Newsome and R. Tomasik):
"A General Consideration of Possible Economic Impacts of Potentially Reducing Crime through West Side Revive Demonstration Projects"
"Characteristics, Preferencs, and Opinions of Cabell County, WV Residents"
"Economic and Socio‑deomgraphic Trends Affecting Cabell County and West Virginia"
"Determining the Effects of Changes in Tuition and Scholarship Levels on Enrollment at Marshall University"