I am interested in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in International Economics, 
Macroeconomics and Econometrics. During my career, I have had the opportunity to teach In
ternational Economics (Global Macroeconomics & International Trade), Principles of Macroe
conomics and Econometrics. In addition to these courses, I am also interested in teaching 
Economic Growth and Development & Intermediate Macroeconomics. (Click here to view my teaching portfolio)

Marshall University 
ECN 250 : Principles of Microeconomics 
ECN 253 : Principles of Macroeconomics 
ECN 420: International Trade 
ECN 421 : Global Macroeconomic Analysis 
ECN 423 : Introduction to Econometrics
ECN 485 : Independent Study 
ECN 501: Economic Issues 

Instructor of Record (University of Kentucky)                                                                                     
ECO 391: Economic and Business Statistics (6 sections)
ECO 202: Introductory Macroeconomics (6 sections)

Teaching Assistant (University of Kentucky)
International Finance (Graduate course
International Trade 
International Monetary Economics
Labor Economics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics